Why Water? 

Clean water changes everything!

650 million people in the world today can not access clean water. 900 children per day die from diseases caused by dirty water and poor sanitation. Access to clean water leads to - Improved health, education and economic prosperity. 

The Wateryard is raising funds to help ensure the job is finished, and Trachoma is eradicated in Australia.  

Together, we can solve thirst world problems.


Trachoma is a major blinding infectious eye disease. It occurs in regions of poor hygiene & living conditions. Australia is the ONLY developed country to still have Trachoma. It is endemic is 60% of outback communities & is the fourth largest cause of blindness. 





Sydney, Australia


First Creek Wines, Hunter Valley, NSW
Flametree Wines, Margaret River, WA
Head Wines, Barossa Valley, SA